International Cooperation
international_cooperationOur department is focused on partnerships with organisations outside the EU. The main activities of this department are:

Study design and survey methodologies
Critical activities take place at the earliest stages of a research project, including the identification of the issues of interest, the formulation of the research questions, investigation of prior research, selection of methods and approaches, and steps to ensure the comparability of the project to prior research and the utility of anticipated findings to potential future research.

Qualitative methods
Qualitative methods can be used as a stage in survey design or as an independent source of qualitative data to inform effective research and analysis.  NORC collects qualitative data with a variety of techniques.  In all cases, we work closely with our clients to ensure the information we collect will answer their needs and is tailored to the audience.

Dissemination and Knowledge management
The effective dissemination of data and the knowledge gained from it is at the core of the scientific mission.  The tasks required to prepare and deliver data both for research and to inform policy have been central to SCA’s identity throughout its history. We have also been actively engaged in new methods of delivering data through web technologies and applications.  Data are now used by many new constituencies for whom traditional methods of delivering data are not useful.  We work with our clients to develop the most effective way of communicating and delivering the data we collect to these new audiences.