SCA Development Ltd.
SCA Development Ltd.

Description of SCA Development Ltd.


SCA Development Ltd. (SCAD) is a SME founded at the end of 2013 as a spin-off company by Second Chance Association (SCA) to assure market replication of the results from R&D activities of the association. SCAD is a natural market oriented extension of SCA. Currently, SCA is a sole shareholder of the company.

The company is responsible for all phases of business and product development with special emphasis on bringing the latest results of the SCA R&D into the business, including fundraising and financing of these activities. The primary scope of SCAD is fostering the development, the industrialization and market replication of SCA’s innovations in the field of RES and EE.

All members of SCAD team (as a part of SCA) are working in the field of RET and EE since 2003 and since 2012 are actively involved in the development of MirrorPV and CoolPV innovative solutions.

Management of the company

The management structure of SCAD Ltd. is hierarchical. Supreme governing body of the company is the general assembly of the shareholders. The general assembly decides on changes in the memorandum of the company, accepts and excludes shareholders, assign the company executive manager, decides on opening and closing of branches and participation in other companies, decides on transfer of shares from one shareholder to another, decides on increasing and reduction of the capital of the company, acquisition and alienation of real estates, etc...

As long as, currently Second Chance Association is a sole shareholder of the company, the function of the general assembly of SCA Development Ltd. is implemented by the board of directors of SCA. That includes – eng. Gancho Mitev, Ventsislav Ivanov, Konstantin Stamov, Ivan Tovev, Georgi Todorov. The entire management team of SCAD consists of members of Second Chance Association, so they were part of the overall R&D process of the products MirrorPV innovative solution.

The manager of the company is eng. Gancho Mitev. He is also a patent holder of MirrorPV. He is responsible for its development and management of the daily operations. In addition, a team-oriented, customer and product - focused staff support the management team. The entire management team of SCAD consists of members of Second Chance Association, so they were part of the overall R&D process of the products MirrorPV innovative solution.

Location and facilities

SCAD is located in Burgas, Bulgaria. This location provides excellent access to the targeted European markets - in Burgas is the largest trade port in Bulgaria and the city is located on Pan-European transport corridor №8.

As a part of its R&D activities in the field of RET and EE in 2009 Second Chance Association started development of Laboratory for RET and EE. It includes a “Testing rooftop PV installation with power 4.95kWp” (see ). Coordinates: 42°37'29.7"N 27°23'43.3"E, altitude 107 m, 10 km distance from the water pool. PV panels - the most widely used in recent years, manufactured by Zhejiang Topoint Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd 30pcs. * 165 W = 4950W Inverter SG5KTL of Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd. Rated input power: 5.5KW. The development and construction of the laboratory was partly funded by GEF/SGP.

In 2009 SCA established a Consulting Center on RET and EE. In that center were involved specialists in PV and wind technologies, electro engineers, construction engineers, architects, geodesists, experts in economy and finances. Since its creation, the center has consulted and actively participated in the installation of 47 ground-mounted and rooftop PV systems in Burgas region. It has also performed the following activities:

  • Developed handbook “Renewable Energy Technologies”;
  • Published collection of essays “The world on the verge of energy revolution” and glossary “Training Renewable Energy Technologies”;
  • Solar energy audit. Assessment of existing and projected potential resource for electricity production from photovoltaic power plants in Burgas region
  • Developed step-by-step guide for installation of PV systems in urban areas – from the project to signing of contract for purchase of electricity;
  • etc...

Since 2011 SCA is member of Bulgarian Solar Association.



Cool PV

Patent application:
BG 111244

Mirror pV
Patent application:
BG 111908