Our History
Our HistorySecond Chance Association Bulgaria, was established in year 2000 by the team of ASO 90 Ltd., a R&D company that wanted to use their expertise gained in the business field into activities and initiatives that are in favor of the community. So we decided to be Socially Responsible. Till 2004 the Association has operated only on national level trying to foster and facilitate the reentering of disadvantaged groups back to the social and business life. Those activities were implemented via the funding of the United Holland Foundations, Bulgarian programmes for treatment of former prisoners and people with disadvantages, as well as the local municipality. Since 2003 the Association has widened its scope and start operating internationally via the participation and promotion of European and International projects. We started to promote our ideas on European level and our first EU project started on 1st October 2003. Till now our team has implemented more than 25 projects in various areas - Social inclusion, Vocational Training and Education, Protection of the environment, Safety, Transport, Renewable Technologies etc. We have more than 2000 partners in all EU countries that make our network one of the largest, where we disseminate the results and products we achieve in our projects and everyday job. In our line of work we have performed more than a 150 researched on topics we tackle. We have elaborated more than 25 guides, 15 video tutorials, translated in most of the EU languages.