Our Mission
Our MissionSecond Chance Association continues to endeavor to work toward its mission statement.

“Invest in human capacity”

Second Chance Association is a dynamic organisation committed to placing learning at the heart of individual, social and economic development. Our role is to act as brokers, planners and facilitators of learning through a wide range of activities and collaborations, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our strategic priorities
Since 2001, we have focused our activities on the delivery of three strategic priorities which aim to deliver sustainable growth, protect the consumers and improve long-term performance of the people in our community:

  • Grow a diversified VET systems
  • Deliver more products of value
  • Protects consumers’ rights

Why we are different
We have fundamentally changed our goals and our culture to help us grow and improve our performance.
Our approach is now one of openness to challenge and innovation. This affects the way we interact, the way we work with external groups and our relationship with our team.
For our team, the positive impact their contribution makes to people’s lives is one of their key motivators to working at SCA.

Operating responsibly
We believe that only by being a responsible organisation can we grow and create value for our stakeholders and for society in the long term. We think about our responsibilities in three areas:

  • helping improve people’s well-being wherever they live or whatever they need;
  • working to support the development of our people as well as communities around us;
  • behaving in an open and honest manner in all that we do, and growing our influence while protecting the natural resources we all need for the future

We continue to change the way we do our job so we can be successful and sustainable in the longer term.