European Cooperation
european_cooperationSCA has been building numerous partnerships at the international level for several years now. The European Commission is one of our most important partners.

The aim of European cooperation department is to provide the EU’s citizens with high-quality education through increased cooperation between the educational and the business sectors, better opportunities for international exchange and the extension of the Member States’ languages through education.

The European Cooperation Department has experience and expertise in providing innovative services for a variety of application sectors. More specifically, the applications and solutions of the projects in which the department is involved aim to strengthen the competitiveness and innovation of enterprises, assist the procedures of public bodies, improve the quality of life, enhance the accessibility of online services, facilitate online learning services.

The European Projects Department is currently pursuing activities in cutting-edge technological areas such as interoperability and integration of Information and Communication Technologies.

The department has long-lasting collaboration and partnerships with leading training, consumer and academic partners in Europe. In the frame of our future activities, we have strong interest in fostering new collaborations and partnerships at national, European and international level that could assist and enhance the R&D effort of the department.