Vocational Training
vocational_trainingVocational Training
Second Chance Association is known on a national scale for its first-class training concept. Vocational training has been of central importance in our organisation since the beginning.

Investing in Leaders
We provide intensive training, support and career development that helps these leaders increase their impact and deepen their understanding of what it takes to close the achievement gap.

External Vocational Training for Young People
We can provide external vocational training for young adults. Depending on your needs, we can either go with the commonly used combination of remote and on-site training - or create a customized approach. This allows us to help disadvantaged or differently-abled young people acquire recognized work qualifications. We also offer career-oriented training to young people who have finished school, but have not had professional training. Everyone benefits from this service - from public services and employment agencies, to companies looking for trained junior staff.

Benefits at a Glance
By providing young people with vocational training at Second Chance Association, you:

  • Help young people recognize their talents, develop their strengths, and improve their chances on the job market
  • Fulfill your social responsibilities
  • Advocate young adults in the working world
  • Benefit from our experience in vocational training and in working with young adults
  • Work with experienced social workers and professional instructors
  • Gain access to SCA technical facilities